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Servicing and repairs for all Denon DJ SC6000 / SC6000M / SC5000 / SC5000M / LC6000 units

We charge a flat service fee on all the above units.

Additional parts required are then charged separately.

The initial service fee is £80 per unit and includes the following work and procedures…

  • Inspection and Diagnosis
  • Full Update of System Firmware (if required)
  • Internal and external cleaning of all accumulated dirt and debris from unit
  • Clean PCB’s
  • Clean all control switches and rotary variable resistors
  • Clean and de-oxidize all RCA signal outputs – Analog & Digital
  • Clean USB, SD and Link Ports
  • Cleaning of JOG Sensors
  • Cleaning / Lubrication of Platter Bearing
  • Re-adjusting of Jog Wheel Adjust (Non ‘M’ versions)

New Replacement Part Prices (During Service)

  • Play and Cue Tact Switches – £10
  • Pitch Bend +/- Tact Switches – £10
  • Play and Cue Button Bank – £30
  • Select / Zoom Encoder – £30
  • Auto Loop Encoder – £30
  • Pitch / Tempo Slider – £40
  • Other Individual Tact Switches (each) – £5

So, for example, if your unit has a faulty play switch, faulty pitch bend switch and faulty select encoder, the price would be as follows…

Service £80

Play and Cue Switches £10

Pitch Bend Switches £10

Select Encoder £30

Total: £130

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