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Modification Guide

Customisation is a unique and personal thing. We are always happy to talk about how you envisage your custom turntables. However, we have created this guide to help you choose the best option for various reasons.


As we use automotive paint you can have practically any colour you desire. Something to think about is resale. If you plan on selling your decks in the future perhaps choose a popular colour, white for example, is always desirable. Something more outlandish may take longer to sell. If you plan on keeping your decks until then end of time then knock yourself out! Something else to consider is this – are your decks 1200’s or 1210’s? To help decide on a colour think about your tonearm! For example – 1200’s have silver tonearm sections, so darker colours for the cabinet give a good contrast. Metallic black 1200’s with silver tonearm sections always look amazing – M5G style! White cabinets look great with black 1210 tonearms. Food for thought! If your turntables are in near mint condition then we generally advise to keep them that way. It makes sense due to the ever increasing value of these sadly discontinued wonders!


In our opinion we feel that less is more. We advise making the decks look as ‘factory’ as possible. A cabinet respray, laser etched logos and choice of LEDs is tasteful, unique but retains the look and feel of this design classic. Making it look as though it could have actually been released by Technics is the best option. Start going crazy colour coding every single part usually makes the deck look cheap and plastic like! Contrast is the key. No matter the colour you choose for the cabinet, the other stock parts will always look good in black and silver (ie start/stop buttons / tonearm / platter). Although we offer tonearm painting as a service we also advise against this (unless restoring the original colours ie black or silver). Keeping your tonearm in stock colours means that if any damage occurs in the future, a replacement part will match straight out of the box. Obviously if you have custom colour tonearms they would need repainting to match which essentially means more down time!


Of course, you may have whatever you choose. This is only our opinion. We want you to be 100% happy with your decision. To help we can generate mock ups to give you a good clear idea of the final product, a great help for those uncertainties!




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